The Begining

AYUBOWAN (Wishes for Long Life) to one & all!

This is AMAZING!! I cannot believe that finally I am blogging…..It's been in the making for a while, ever since I have been a daily follower of and a few others that have inspired me to put down a line or two for each Amazing Moment that this wonderful LIFE has offered me.

I hope to recall each and every time that LIFE was great and a few of those moments when I got hit below the belt, but all in all it's been great to be here, do this,achieve that,etc.etc. and keep moving forward along each and every winding path,climbing each mountain, wading through each stream and speeding on each highway when ever possible.

Many are the Great Treveller's I have met on this journey, some are known most are unknown, like angels who fly up when you need a hand,always there to give me courage when ever I felt like I was a little short on strength. A few stood by me and even pulled me up when I fell. Some ran away,may be they just felt I would pull them down or just may be they were to afraid to see me stand tall again. Many who stood by me, will always be there and like a light house that guides a ship to shore will not let me sink but lead me to safety to stand tall again.

I hope that through this window I could honour LIFE for all that it really is, and may be even help, AMAZE a fellow traveller to enjoy the view while walking taller every moment we are provided to be AMAZED in this beautiful universe.   

My Beloved "D" is the initiator of this adventure and I thank her and Love her for all she is,she's the wind beneath my wings!!

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