This Amazing Island!

There is a saying “when you live on an island you have no escape , it’s the sky, the sand and the land”, ya, that’s so right, but actually you do not want an escape as the beauty and natural wonder that surrounds you makes every moment a joy (do not scream, I know that there are a lot of other things and creatures, some who even fall out of that category on this Island and I have not lost my sight, my senses or bumped my head and neither has my beloved punched me in the wrong places).

Being born and breed in Sri Lanka, I can only be thankful to ALMIGHTY for rewarding me with THIS AMAZING LIFE and as a bonus for placing me as close as possible to a resemblance of paradise.

Yes I hear that noise, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not pull your teeth out or make a vow to trace me down and bundle me to an asylum for loonies ( oh, sorry I just remembered we live in an open asylum), but I was only speaking about the natural surroundings of this glorious island which seems to have fallen off the tip of India sometime during the formation of our universe (most probably because it turned out to be so beautiful it had to be placed on it’s own). I was born just before that Alla, Bathala and paan pollem { yam, sweet potato and bread queue} period, and have lived through this horrible, saddening, painful and unwanted war and late 80’s social unrest, so I very, very well know how crazy things can get on an Island like ours.

Anyway, I have always felt that if we just take a moment and forget all the ugliness, nastiness, foolishness, pollution, traffic, noise, crimes, bribery, politics, jealousy, hatered, war, inflation, poverty, etc.etc., all that’s made, introduced or caused by human’s, you will be able to connect and enjoy the real Sri Lanka or even more the actual island that was and is still here under our own feet.

Isn’t it Amazing, the freshness you feel during a stroll on the beach (East, west, North or South, where ever you go), the green patchwork fields that’s so fresh and full, the enchanting waterfalls that make up the mighty rivers which unceasingly provide life to most of the country, the lush plantations that hide the mountains and give you the best cuppa in the whole world, the gentle mist that touches your skin during a lazy morning in the hills, the rain that lashes on the roof during a monsoon night sprinkling a cool breeze giving you goose bumps that make you tuck up tight in bed, the smell of those first few drops of rain on a sun baked road, sunsets so romantic that you just want it to last for ever, and when you look around you even see the pineapple seller stopping in his steps to watch it’s glory, coconut trees that sway to the gentle rhythm of the wind, fruits that turn out in any colour you could dream of, while still showing up in different varieties through out the year, vegetables that would grow in your back yard if you took the trouble of throwing some seeds, jungles with such a variety of life that we call wild even though it’s as natural as it comes, birds (the winged kind) so many that you could not stop watching, and finally and most amazing, cultures so colourful, so close but so different, so mixed but so original (in a Sri Lankan way) that only GOD could produce and we should be proud of.

People of this island have amazed me and moulded me the most . They have touched my life in such strange & surprising ways that I will write about each one of them separately as each and everyone of them needs to be provided a special place so that they receive the recognition they need receive.

These are just a very, very few of my thoughts on what’s so worthy to be a Sri Lankan. My personal view is that If only we could stand tall enough to see above all the daily toil and hassle even for just a few moments each day, we would appreciate and thank nature for all the wonder that surrounds us. We should actually do very much more to look after and protect what we have right here on our Amazing island.

I am proud to be a Sri Lanka for what’s under our feet and I pray and hope that every soul born in this Island will be able to glimpse at this wonder of creation from that point of view and not from just what’s in our face point of view. Personally, I feel that every Sri Lankan should be exported to the Middle East for at least 6 months during the height of summer to be able to actually appreciate what a wonderful place we call home. We were born on this island for a purpose and not by a fluke chance, so let's make the most of our stay. 

7 thoughts on “This Amazing Island!

  1. It truly is a beautiful country. I am often stuck in grey London whilst yearning for the luscious warmth of Sri Lanka. Even if I wasn’t biased because of my heritage I think I would have still fallen for its charms.


  2. I have travelled in over 40 countires due to my work but has lived most of it in Sri Lanka except 7 years.I love the island and at 60 is still discovering such great natural places . Just my garden in Nawala with such a varity of birds, tons of squirrils, odd snake and mongooese and a varity of flowers is so peaceful .We are indeed lucky to be here but how unlucky are we to get such leadership.


  3. It is true that our land is one of the most beautiful on earth. However, I returned after working in Africa for around 25 years and found that my countrypersons had lost social and moral values. Many were also not concerned about the environment. They were getting angry quickly and were too occupied running around and neglecting the education of their children. Now, if this continues we might become a nation similar to other countries where there was conflict and total breakdown after people stopped caring for each other and those of other tribal groups. What can we do to bring back values among Sri Lankans ? I already wrote a letter to the morning leader in January 2007, readable at: and


  4. I was born and bred like you in Sri Lanka, and thought I already knew my land of birth, but reading your beautiful words makes me want to go back and see the country again through your eyes. Your love for the country shines through brightly..Keep up the good work.


    • Thank’s for your kind words and encouragement. Yes, I need to put in a bit more time in to writing, but life is so fast and demanding for non-essential nonsense that blogging gets pushed to the bottem of the get-done-list. Aiyo, still cannot understand why there is only 24hrs in a day?…it makes life a little bit toooo short!!


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