I am not sure if I should be thrilled or becoming more cautious. I am finally joining the rush and getting a licence to Drive in this part of the world. Although, I have been around the place for a little longer than is comfortable to mention without many eyebrows being raised in a queer manner, I never had the real urge to get on these roads and drive as people is this region of the world drive so fast that it still beats me to think how they slow down and come to a stop when ever it’s urgently required (I thank GOD for technology and Good Breaks {who ever invented that was a real genius}). I think some of them  just stand in the car on the accelerator  until they see another vehicle up near their nose, then they stand on the break till the car virtually stops, then back on to the accelerator. If they miss the break and hit something most of the time it’s a write-off and if alive they get a new accelerator with a break beside it to stand on. Only time they sit in the car is when they stop at a traffic light. If you try to even cross the road when they are not stopped and they spot you they will drive more faster and come straight at you (it’s really like one of those PC games, great fun, you just have to stay alive as long as you can, sorry but you get only 1 life!). But the great fun of having to drive here is the great roads that are available. Smooth as silk most of them are, and so large and wide that we in Sri Lanka could only dream of seeing them in our island in our lifetime.                            

I use to ride a bike way back in good old Colombo and it was great fun. Me and my beloved was always mobile and went where ever we just felt like going. We had a few tosses as is always the case  { it’s not my fault for the “wewa size” pot holes that made me lose my balance and drop my beloved and have her walk in a funny duck like manner for a few days after due to the “thud” she got on her bottom, it was never intentional, but it did happen now and again…….ya, ya, ya, the bike was also taken down from a tree once {that’s another story}), but on the whole it was quite smooth sailing most of the time when ever there was no puncher or I ran out of petrol (I could not ever figure out why bikes did not have a fuel indicator at that time…real curse it was). I also did a bit of  driving in the Island before I walked over to the desert, but since then have really not had the time or the actual need to do some serious driving either here or in Sri Lanka. 

I am a diehard fan of motor racing in any form and love the F1 series. I could watch motor racing on TV for as long as they could telecast it. I did drive a go-kart and beat the other guys who were actual day-to-day drives and enjoyed the fun extremely. So it’s funny  that  I do not drive on a daily basis. But actually, I have been a bit lazy and afraid to get a licence over here due to the strict rules that are very funny at times and very expensive if charged. I have always travelled by taxi which has been very convenient as I believed that once you pay you do not have any further responsibility for the transport.

But I love vehicles, have always being excited by them and wanted to have one of my own. So finally the first step to a dream come through is taking shape and in a few days I should God Willing have my licence to drive in the desert.  

I hope I get an accelerator to stand on and hope it has a break beside that will come handy when ever I need to move!    

Oh!….I hear John Denver…..or may be I am dreaming of “Country Roads”……..better slow down it might be a cop on a camel! 

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