I Wish……..

Yes, I wish we were back in the water at Belihul Oya. Its so hot at the moment here in the Middle East (around 40C) that it feels like we are in the middle of a desert even though there isn’t one for a good 100Kms.

Oh, the cool water and the fun we had when we visited the place around June last year is just unforggetable. It was our first visit to the Rest House. We had passed the place many a times but never stopped for a dip or a meal. Now we are longing to be back in the water some day, hopefully soon. Nature at its Best, recommended for anyone for a day trip from Colombo (best is a weekday, leave a bit early around 6.30am as it takes about 2 ½ hours to get there and ample time to get soaked before lunch) .

The drive up to Balangoda and beyond is also very interesting specially after you pass Rathnapura, the open spaces, green fields, distant mountains, lonely and winding roads and the little wayside kade’s with fruits, and snacks, hmmmm…….. Sri Lanka in full glory.

The small draw back was the Rest House lunch menu. I hope they could update the menu, we love the usual rice and curry spread at Hotel Corporation or UDA Rest Houses, they are clean, tasty and the prices are very reasonable. But the rest house at Belihul Oya lacked a bit of variety, and our request for a bit of spice saw us sweating from place we could not recognize. Everybody who was feeling drowsy after the dip in the oya was now wide awake and babbling like lunatic parrots with their mouths on fire. The fruit salad which was the only thing available did little to sweeten the mouth, but we gobbled it as that was all the help we could get in our moment of pain.

We left the place around 4.00pm and was back in Colombo by 8.30pm which is a bit longer than usual if it is not raining. Anyway, it was a good trip with everyone enjoying themselves, hope to repeat it soon.

More clicks of the Trip http://www.flickr.com/photos/86008366@N00/

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