Two weeks ago a colleague of mine, Mr. Fathi M. Omar,  who works for a co-company of the group passed away. It was a shock to hear that he passed away so suddenly, although he has been sick fighting the similar rogue that I am fighting which is cancer, it was too sudden to hear that he passed on.

He was a very pleasant gentleman who was always with a smile for everyone. We were not close work wise, but he used to pass-by me when ever he came to the office, just to say hello and ask about my health. He was sick awhile ago and since of late did seem more  healthy than me. During the last visit he made to our office he mentioned that he was feeling very much better and his cancer was under control from the medication he was taking. I was shocked to hear that he has passed on. But I am happy that he does not have to suffer with a rogue disease that has no cure.

May he have Eternal Peace and Rest from this earthly journey.

My Deepest sympathies to his family and co-workers.

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