Organs Hot off the Printer!

Recently, I watched a video on (  about the amazing advances that biotechnology had made and how it would be helping many patients who are indefinitely waiting for organ transplants of many types in the future.

I was happy listening to Dr.Atala’s short but very educative talk and was amazed by the use of technology that could build a human organ from scratch using a special printer and cells in place of ink. This great use of technology and will be a life saver. There are so many wonderful people out there who had to just give up living and pass-on as they could not find an organ for a transplant as the number of donors for any type of organs is so limited and the demand is so large. Many people ruin their health by abuse and neglect, but there are so many others that just catch an illness and need an organ transplant to keep living. These people are the individuals who feel the worst when they know they did nothing to destroy their bodies and medically no quick fix solution is available to put them right again. It may take a few more years before these types of transplants could be commonly used, but it gives hope and that’s great news to patients and to the medical staff who try so hard day after day to save lives.

I strongly feel that this type of remarkable information should be shared as breaking news and be the headlines of all media so that citizens of the world would know about it.  It would be so helpful to many patients giving them hope of a recovery and helping them stay motivated. Everyone knows someone who is either ill or even someone who is caring for an ill relative, friend, neighbour or co-worker. Sharing the message that in the future there would not be a shortage of organs for transplant, will be a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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