It’s already July!!! Hmmmm…… half of 2012 has rushed past me, it seems like last week it was 01st January  and we were for the 1st time cruising down South on the new Southern Highway to Galle. How did 6 months go by so fast?


Time really starts to run faster after you reach the speed of 40 [ they said its the age to be Naughty, ha…either I was born without that gene or whoever made that comment had, had too many of the tipsy kind and was getting his numbers mixed up ] is it that maturity is getting the better of me and I am slowing down like an old ‘69 VW Beetle or is it that life’s just like this and the higher the numbers you reach on this planet the slower you are meant to go.


A curly-haired cousin of mine, who happens to be dining with Giraffes at this moment, told  Dee & me, some time ago “You guy’s will feel you are getting old when you reach 30, just wait and see” sadly, we didn’t remember to pause and remember her words until we suddenly noticed from the corner of our eye’s that we were passing the 40th mile post. Now if we look back [ finding it very hard to turn my neck…oh..ouch…I think I pulled a muscle….ok, I imagined that I have muscles….I should be allowed to do that once in away…I mean, imagine ] the 30 something’s were not that bad, only it went by faster than we would have liked it to, but now dealing with the 40’s seems to be a bit rough as the engines that were running so smoothly seem to be clogging and lagging that it all feels so un-natural.


Everyone seems to be talking about eating right, exercising, limiting stress, and that dreaded word “Controlling” everything from weight to salt to sugar to food to fat and all that’s been good to gobble up to that speed limit of 40. Now the only thing that family, friends & colleagues talk about and really worry about,  is blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, low energy, pot belly’s, over weight and old age. I wonder why, am I growing old without noticing or am I just not taking note of it ????


Which ever of the two, I think I’ll just keep marching hoping that maturity like all other things I have been through, will not be that bad as long as I smile, keep my spirits up and have Dee by my side, reminding me that I am way pass “18” , but not too old to go shopping with or to take the garbage out !!Just kidding


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