LIFE is……


Like a Drop of water that sprang from a spring high in the mountain, it flow’s slowly, going through every bend, every bump, every twist, that the stream takes. It kisses a few rocks that have fallen in its path, smell’s the flowers that fall in to the stream, while listening in wonder to the stories of the mighty roots, who hold their heads so straight while lovingly hugging the banks of the stream. It shed’s a tear for the dead leaf that’s being washed away, and dances with excitement every time the stream has fun in a whirlpool.

Each moment it learns that the journey to the ocean where all droplets will end, is long and slow for so many great reasons……

Its journey is long, so that the little Droplet has time to appreciate nature, to admire the wonder of creation, to be admired by the creatures, who drink of it and bless it for its nourishment; To grow in size, in strength and wisdom; It takes time to play in the rich rice plans and vegetable gardens it passes, to play hide & seek with the sun, while enjoying the cool shade of the towering trees and get warmed by the morning sun that shine so full and bright. It laugh’s at the rain drops that go plop, plop, plop, when they fall, it listens to the heroic stories that the monsoon storm relates and enjoys the laughter of the little children who play in the stream. It sings with the birds and hums with the breeze.

The path expands and new sights and sounds come its way and the Droplet grows each day. It rolls down the green mountain to the lush valley while unknowingly growing from Droplet to stream to river to lake. It takes time and rests at the reservoir and runs down fast through tunnels to turn turbines that produce power for those around and takes strength to continue its journey.

Some days the Droplet has fun, some days are well done, and other days are long and tiring while there are days for learning and loving, some are just too freighting and some moments are just for relaxing and enjoying the flow. Always unknowingly growing, strengthening, learning, collecting wisdom, courage, knowledge, and making memories of each moment creating stories for the ocean.

Life’s like this, we are droplets in the human stream, we grow in the stream (home surroundings), we meet the river (teen years), we join the lake (young adult), we flow into the reservoir (adult), unknowingly always growing, learning, enjoying, crying, fighting, laughing, suffering, angry, happy, sad, sick, healthy, powerful, wise, listening, teaching, screaming, singing, humming, creating, destroying, sharing, and always loving.

We don’t notice, but everyone around us has the same issues, the same memories, the same mistakes, weaknesses, strengths, fears, and we are all moving forward until one day we are at the ocean, we then realise it’s too late to turn back the journey was long, the time was given the stories were told the wisdom was handed down, but did we take note…. did we take the time…. did we take a moment to think, to acknowledge, to pay attention…….we wonder why………

Much love was given to each and every one of us, but only a few of us realise what a lot of love touches us, engulfs us, takes care of us; we are greedy at many moments, we take but don’t give back, we grab but don’t share, we love but only those who we think love us back, but unknowingly many who have touched our lives are forgotten very fast and left by the way while we pay little attention…..

I hope my life could be like the droplet, by the time I reach the ocean that I would have taken time to love those who have given so generously of their time, their life, their love, their all, who journeyed with me and kissed the rocks that fell in my path, enjoyed the moments when I danced in the whirlpool, sat by me when I listened to the stories of the mighty roots, laughed at the moments it rained in my life and held my hand when the tear drops fell plop, plop, plop……..

I wish to take long rests at the reservoirs I pass, nourish the little gardens and pick the fruits of the minds I meet, rush when I am called upon, and tickled with excitement at the sight of new challenges that come my way. To jump and leap over rocks and obstacles that cross my path when opportunity looks me in the eye……

But more, more than anything, to LOVE them all who stood up for me while sharing my heart, my soul, my strength, so that I will unknowingly do nothing but my best for them before for I reach the mighty ocean for that final rest………and a new beginning……….

photo credit: patrmach via photopin cc

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