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Rat Race

10 Things I Am Going to Do Today to Escape the Rat Race

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Today is going to be exceptional. I have wasted too many of my days on this earth not maximizing my potential, nor pursuing my dreams to the fullest. I want to desperately escape the Rat Race but far too often I have not acted as if that was truly a priority in my life. That will not be the case today. At the end of today I am going to grant myself a moment to look in the mirror and commend myself for a job well done. This day is going to be different and here are the things I am going to do today to make it so.

Today I will treat every human being I encounter with respect, dignity, andkindness. Too often in the past I have burnt bridges and failed…

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A Week to Forget with a Crash in the Middle

Last week was horrible in every way, and when we were hoping it would get better, a car crash made it one of the worst weeks we have had in a long time.

I have been ill with a chest infection, cold, flu and the full works for almost 3 weeks. But since I was feeling a little bit better, I was cleared to fly back from Sri Lanka to the Middle East and to get back to work. I had been away for a month for my cancer test and this infection extended it for more than 45 days .

Since returning, I was only able to get to office for one day and then came down with another round of the same chest infection. The cough just did not give up and my chest seemed to be full of stuff. I just couldn’t cope with¬†the air conditioner and the cold air in the office, it was making me worse.

So it was once again back to hospitals and the doctors. We are getting sick of seeing doctors & hospitals, it seems like this year is just a non-stop visit to one hospital or the other.

While returning from the hospital after making an appointment to see the doctor in the evening and worried about what the evening would bring, a sudden thud shook us, a car had just brushed my car and ripped out the front wheel arch & the front bumper.

IMG_0243 r

IMG_0242 r

It was so frustrating, we were tired,worried and not in any mood for this sort of matter. The other driver didn’t want to wait and wanted to drive off saying he didn’t want to claim anything.¬†I had to plead with him to stay until the cop’s got there as the insurance company would not pay unless the cop’s give me a document regarding the accident. The¬† cops took a good hour to get to the place where we were, and it was¬†crazy standing there in the middle of the busy street waiting for them.¬†Over here in the Middle East you cannot repair your car unless you have a document from the cop’s stating that they have no objection to the repair. The whole process of the accident and the Police station, took over 4 hours to be completed and the matter to be re-solved. The worse was the heat, it was a day when the heat was around 50C¬†and¬†Dee spent 4 hours sitting in the car until this drama ended. In this part of the Middle East, Women, normally do not go to traffic police stations. It is considered a place for males only, Women are not permitted to drive over here.¬†By the time we finished with this dance and came home we were looking more like fried fish than human.

IMG_0245 r

The evening appointment was not too bad, the doctor was great and recommended that I take Blood Tests, X-rays and a chest function test. We will know whats making me ill once the reports are out in a few days.

Finally, the sunset without anymore drama on this very long & hard day. We kept hoping for nothing more to happen in this horrible week.

IMG_0249 r

I keep wondering, Why does Murphy’s Law ¬†have to be so correct when it says “If something has to go wrong, it will“. Why does he have to always win?? Grrrrr

Expensive Cars working for CANCER…WOW!!!

Red Stripe Photography

Ferrari Festival is an event put together for the love of helping children and Italian super cars.  Both causes is good in my book.  The Ferrari Festival started in 2005 to raise money to donate to children charity.  This year they were able to raise over $35,000 for the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  This was my first time making it out to the event.  I started following them last year on Facebook so I can get update of the upcoming events.  I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss it this year event.

This event consists of two days.  Day one is held at MSR Houston track.  Here you can ride in on of the cars on the track, for a small donation. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it out for day at the track.  Day two was held at Highland Village on Westheimer in Houston TX. This is a car show gathering where they…

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